BloorAzma Sanjesh Noor Company founded in 2016 by many university professors and researchers in the field of fundamental knowledge towards design and production of optical, electro-optics and spectroscopic systems. Consultancy services are provided, besides, the projects in the field of optics, electro-optics and, designing of optical systems will be carried out. Devices and setups manufactured to be cutting-edge by enhancing empirical knowledge.

Bloorazma’s high-tech products include UV-Vis-IR Spectrometers, Spectrophotometer, Deuterium – Halogen Light Source, Tungsten – Halogen Light Source and CCD Driver.

Board of Directors including Dr. Blouri Zadeh, Dr. Javad Rahighi, one of the leading professors of Optics and Photonics in the country, and Engr. Mohammad Javad Kargar, lecturer in Software Development of Optical Devices and Systems (Zemax, COMSOL, etc.), also in topics of Laser Medicine and spectroscopy at Sharif University of Technology.

Other Services

Unique Process

Counseling and Training

– Designing with optical system software (Zemax, COMSOL, etc.), besides, optics and electro-optics projects by lecturers of an optic designer in the laser spectroscopy laboratory at Sharif University of sharif.

Contact us and Consult

Our professional consultants are ready to advise you in any field. If there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask.

Workshops and Training

The BloorAzma Company conducts specialized and general courses of measuring equipment in the fields of laboratories of oil, gas and petrochemical industries, quality control laboratories, etc.

Service and Maintenance

In case of any problems with our products, our service team will handle your request in less than 48 hours. 3-year after sales service with 10-year warranty.


One hundred percent of our customers’ satisfaction is our highest honor. All Products BloorAzma Company have 10-year warranty and 3-year after sales service.