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اسپکتروفتومتر و صنایع نفت، گاز و پتروشیمی

BloorSpec Photo

The device has the ability to perform the huge analysis in different industries including Water and Wastewater, Oil and gas and petrochemical, Food industry, besides Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medical Sciences, and Biotechnology, etc.

“BloorSpec Photo”, the monitored and fully automated, both double and single-beam, which is made for the first time in Iran. This Spectrophotometer has the capacity to analyze 2 to 16 cells.

* High-Speed wavelength scanning across the UV-Visible, and NIR Spectrum

in less than milliseconds (Our Company add NIR region for the first time in Iran )


– The cuvettes are be covered to prevent any ambient light

• Software and Display

– The touch screen display of BloorSpec Photo is intuitive to use which is the first time in Iran

– Ability to collect an entire absorbance spectrum in one run and display spectra

– The instrument has an inclusive display, which enables text and graphs to be displayed clearly, besides it’s possible to control various parts simultaneously on the screen

– Upgradable Software

– Save data as image and excel format

– Display information in 3D

– The spectrum analysis tool allows you to record continuous of spectrum analysis data

– Use the peak pick function to select maxima

BloorAzma Co. Innovation:

BloorAzma Co. has produced the reagents. With these materials could be possible to analysis shortly and with reliable results. The reagents or methods with affordable and justifiable price can be offered.

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Chemistry, Biochemistry, Nano, Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture

Water and Wastewater Analysis

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries

Medical Analysis

Analysis of DNA, RNA Parameters, etc.